Sunday, 17 February 2013

Immigration: political class live in a different Britain.

How can it be that when 79%+ of the public oppose opening Britain's borders to Bulgaria and Romania, both Coalition government parties and the opposition party all support it?

The reality is that those running the country are desensitised from the damage of large scale uncontrolled immigration from Eastern Europe and indeed benefit in some ways from it. After all, it isn't going to be Little Johnny the privately-educated offspring of MP X who is trying to get a minimum wage job at a factory or punting for work as a bricklayer. Instead the politicians and big business point to the benefits of lots of newcomers to the country working hard in minimum wage jobs. Good for them, but they are screwing British workers who are left to rot on the dole. Our young in particular are routinely abused by Labour and the Tories as lazy, bone-idle and useless and the assumption is made that before Eastern Europeans arrived, the fruit didn't get picked and the country was on verge of collapse. Give me a break.

This is another issue where those in Westminster sow the seeds of pain for which the Great British general public pay the price for. Cameron talks in his ridiculously dishonest tone about controlling immigration, when we have opened our wide open doors to an entire continent. And in 2014 the warm welcome from Westminster extends to as many citizens of Romania and Bulgaria who wish to come. The UK's job market is about to become even more saturated with those looking for entry-level work.

Youth unemployment is at 22%. Wages are being pushed down. In the first year of the Coalition, more than 90% of jobs went to non-British born workers. It may benefit the wealthy Cameron's and the Miliband's of this world to have treat immigrant labour at their beck and call, but for the ordinary working man it has caused massive social and economic problems.

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A very good article, the UK simply cannot cope with more immigration particularly from poor uneducated countries who have no skills we want

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