Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Grant Shapps: grammar school boy done good.

The rise of Grant Shapps to Conservative Party Chairman today marks a high point in his career as a guy who came from a normalish background. But it is likely that in forthcoming years, reshuffles at government level will find it increasingly hard to appoint people who went through the state schooling system.

The problem is there for all to see: right now the government is dominated by those from very privileged backgrounds. There is a severe lack of contenders for top government jobs who went through the state school system, mostly because unlike Shapps they didn't get the opportunities that a grammar school education can afford young boys and girls who may not have had the best starts in life.

Hopefully with a grammar school boy in such a senior role within the Conservatives, the arguments will be made again. That non-selective free schools are one thing, but a selective education system that enables a society based on meritocracy is quite another. Somehow I don't see that happening as the Tories long ago seemed to have turned their back on grammar schools, but nonetheless Shapps rise proves the point that these schools worked.

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Anonymous said...

Oh sure this country needs leaders like Grant Shapps 'Michael Green', he of the rip-off HowToCorp scandal. Sorry Mr. Heaver but I'm sure there are better examples of grammar school education than this shyster.