Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Conservatives are getting very rattled about UKIP.

So Daniel Hannan, the Conservative Party's only anti-EU MEP, wants an electoral pact with UKIP at the next General Election. This is significant.

It demonstrates the increasing popularity of UKIP and the likely impact it will have at the next General Election which does, after all, come just one year after the 2014 European Election that UKIP could win outright.

Don't forget at the last General Election, then-UKIP Leader Lord Pearson's private but direct offer of a pact to the Conservatives was utterly ignored by the party.

I don't think any such pact will happen next time round, for a myriad of reasons. Very few Tory candidates are actually anti-EU in terms of advocating withdrawal - they number about a dozen or so. UKIP is developing beyond a party that only cares about this issue anyway.

As for the notion of David Cameron instructing candidates to stand down in seats to give UKIP a clear run? I won't hold my breath.

The truth is that Daniel Hannan belongs in UKIP. The Conservative Party, as it left Stuart Wheeler, Lord Hesketh and Hannan's former colleague Roger Helmer, has left him. A Tory Prime Minister is in office and is presiding over a shambolic government that is increasing the amount we give to Brussels, that stands against grammar schools and which generally buys into the notion of a high tax economy.


Chris Warner said...

Dan Hannan is a dangerous man. He gives credibility to the Conservatives' claims to be Eurosceptic, and in so doing he is in fact poisoning the debate on EU withdrawal by encouraging voters to vote for a pro-EU party.

He, and his ilk, are perhaps the greatest threats to the prospect of UK withdrawal from the EU.

Robert Brown said...

Hannan is indeed dangerous Mr Warner, because he strives for Turkey to be admitted into the EU, a monstrous idea, and so i cannot take Hannan at all seriously. You are pro EU i take it, probably with a vested interest? We must leave and soon, if that does not suit you, shove off to Euroland and fester while the UK eventually regains it's independence and is allowed to trade globally.

Anonymous said...

What a plonker; Daniel is not dangerous. It is perfectly sensible to remain in the EU at the very least for the time being. People that advocate an immediate withdrawal are very dangerous indeed, in my opinion.

Daniel Thomas said...

Alternatively, the Eurosceptic wing could mount a leadership challenge to oust Cameron and his clique.

Retaking the Conservative Party may encourage the ex Conservatives who jumped ship UKIP to climb back on board.

Joshua Falken said...

Dan Hannan is not dangerous.

Refusal to admit the Eurozone is still alive and it is not every man for himself is dangerous

The UK does not need to do anything as the Germans and their creditors will have their crisis and we can then pick over the best bits of the carcass.

The Chris Warner's of this world should stop creating a problem where there isn't one yet and let Europe implode by themselves before embarking on any course of action.

Shouty British big mouths are just used by Hollande, Berlusconi et al to deflect from their own short comings, so shut up for the time being

Joshua Falken said...

The UK should do nothing about Europe (except stop sending money), until Germany and its creditors restructure the Eurozone.

Then the UK can make a plan based on the EU that emerges.

Until then we are on the EU sidelines and shouty, attention seeking Brits should stop giving Hollande, Merkel et al ammunition to deflect attention from their shortcomings.

There is no advantage for the UK other than to play the waiting game and shut up.

UK Fred said...

I would hope that UKIP is sufficiently aware to avoid the Conservatives. In some parts of yorkshire, in some seats they allowed Labour to retake seats formerly held by the Tories and pushed the Tories into third place, coming second to Labour.

Rob Phillips said...

I think Hannan and UKIP are both growing in popularity as they like many other British people see Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand as family.

The EU are seen by most as simply friendly neighbours we talk to over the fence and give money to.

Blood is thicker than water. Family should come before the neighbours.

Therefore why do we concentrate on those neighbours we have little in common with apart from geographic location, whilst basically ignoring the anglo-sphere family we all belong to.

Labour, the Lib Dems and most Tories are all significantly behind the curve and have grown arrogant. They are made up of career politicians who offer no difference, no choice.

We need a Ron Paul or Gary Johnson character in the UK. That way we would at least have a different voice, a different opinion... and one more in line with the majority of the population, which is far more libertarian than progressive, despite what the BBC would have you believe.

Hannan and Farage are good starts... although I believe long-term UKIP need to rebrand themselves as the Libertarian Party.

Anonymous said...

Hannan is not the dangerous one, Ken Clarke, Chris Patten and David Cameron are the ones we need to keep and eye on.

The fact of the matter is that if you are a conservative there is no such party that exists anymore that you can vote for. The conservative party is completely unrecognisable as a conservative party thanks to Cameron and the toxic influence of the EU and their (our!) money within the ranks of the lib/lab/con.

The PEOPLE are driving this debate from all political persuasions. The politicians are resisting tooth an nail doing what they are being asked to which is a betrayal. If they, like the spoilt brats they are, refuse to give us what we want, which is a free and fair referendum on our membership of the EU then watch as UKIP ratings swell.

I will be voting UKIP unless the conservatives start being conservatives again and give us the choice to leave in favour of and FTA or stay and have our nation demolished with the EU.

This agenda is not being driven by a few tory MP's it is being driven by millions British of people sick to the back teeth with Brussels overruling us, indirectly taxing us, ruining our fishing industry, forcing us down insane energy and employment avenues and the list goes on and on.

Hannan is closer to the people than any one of the cabinet. Let us not forget Politicians are there to do our bidding not as overlords.