Friday, 4 May 2012

UKIP's opinion polls translate into votes.

There can be no doubt now: the opinion polls that have tracked UKIP's steady rise to between 8% - 11% are right.

Yes, the Party did not win hundreds of seats as some will inevitably spin. But look at the facts. The seats that UKIP did stand in saw the Party averaging around 14%. More votes have already been won than in 2008, with 300 results still to come in. The progress is there for all to see.

The strategy for UKIP has always been to build long term locally. The amount of second places achieved last night - for example in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth where from a standing start the Party was 25 votes away from taking an ultra safe Tory seat - is striking.

If the momentum continues, UKIP will take many more Council seats next year. Oh, and the year after that? The local elections coincide with the European Elections. What happens then is truly anyone's guess. All bets could be off.


Andrew Shakespeare said...

I didn't vote. Ukip didn't have a candidate, which was the only party I would have been interested in voting for.

Jason LLoyd said...

Michael, the UKIP london strategy in London was a disaster. I live in a rotten borough, my vote wont change anything locally, but I did vote UKIP 1, Boris 2 for Mayor, UKIP constituency and UKIP assembly. In our Lambeth constituency we received NO literature from UKIP apart from the general all party stuff. NO door to door enquiries, no presence at the polling station, NO interest in my vote, NO get the vote out...... UKIP should have done better, if only people realised their vote could have made a difference locally and for the whole of London via the list seats.