Tuesday, 17 April 2012

British politics is about to change forever.

The era of Coalition always had the potential to radically shake up British politics forever. As ever though, Westminster's focus was on how the positioning of the three establishment parties would change.

The reality is that the story of Coalition has been the rise of UKIP, alongside the demise of the sell-out LibDems. UKIP has never been just a part of 'others'. It came second in the Euro Elections in 2009, winning 13 MEPs. The Greens and the BNP got just 2 each.

Similarly at the 2010 General Election UKIP came close to receiving one million votes. That's more than triple what the Green Party received.

Since then UKIP has had its gang of big beasts expand alongside the likes of Nigel Farage and Lord Pearson. Figures such as Stuart Wheeler and former Tory Treasurer Lord Hesketh have joined the Party, as Farage has re-taken the leadership. People like ex-head of OFSTED Sir Chris Woodhead are now speaking on education at a UKIP Conference. The Party is run by Executive Chairman Steve Crowther who demonstrates just how credible UKIP are internally when his opposite Tory number is the appalling Baroness Warsi. MEP Roger Helmer has also defected as have a number of Councillors.

The 'others' myth has been put to bed. We are witnessing a UKIP surge, as the Greens and BNP stagnate. The London Assembly elections could well see only UKIP gain a seat aside from the old three. And only UKIP has a spread of support across the country rather than in Bradford or Brighton sized pockets.

With a European Election in 2014 that UKIP will aim to win, I honestly believe that 2015 could see very many UKIP MPs elected, even under First Past The Post.

One thing is for sure. British politics has a new fourth player. It's first task must be to consign the LibDems to the 'others' category and take its place as an anti-establishment, low tax, anti-EU third party alternative.


Andrew Shakespeare said...

Michael, I've never heard of you before, but having read some of your blog, and seen a ouple of your videos, I like you a lot. I think you're an intelligent, enthusiastic, eloquent and even charismatic young man, who is going far. Based on what little I know of you, I wouldn't be surprised if I were looking at a potential successor to Nigel Farage himself, although I suspect it will be quite some years before he chooses to take life easier.

I should say that I'm not a member of UKIP, although I am strongly Eurosceptic and fed up to the back teeth with the unholy spinelessness of Cameron. But I have been watching UKIP carefully for some years, voted for you several times, and I hope its popularity continues to rise. You certainly have my vote in 2014. Unfortunatley, for the elections on May 3rd, I don't believe there are any UKIP candidates, but I would have voted for them too.

Michael Heaver said...

Thanks very much Andrew. Very kind.

DeeDee99 said...

Ghandi said

"First they ignore you
Then they mock you
Then they fight you
Then you win"

Well LibLabCON and the BBC have tried the ignore phase; and the mocking phase has gone on for a very long time. But those pesky UKIPpers still refuse to go away and are gaining ground.

The gloves will come off very soon and they will fight back - which means that they will have to have the debate they have avoided so long. The cosy CONsensus of LibLabCON is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog,and in agreement with the other posts here.Just keep up the good work! I feel the tide will slowly turn as the majority of the voting public will realise that there is a viable alternative.All the Best