Monday, 16 May 2011

EU wants to control internet content.

The Council of Europe has been discussing plans since February for the EU to have a “single secure cyberspace”, with all “illicit content” from outside the EU being blocked in a system not dissimilar to the way that the Chinese control web content.

An effective EU blacklist would surely raise massive questions as to the freedom of the individual to access legal content.
It is also doubtful that such a system could ever be effective, given the relative ease with which sites can change ISPs. If such a system were set up, it would require huge resources to be effective.
Of greater concern however is the EU’s focus of controlling what the public can access in the first place. It is yet another example of a European Union which seeks to worryingly meddle in what the citizens of 27 countries have the freedom to do, looking for inspiration from China of all places.


Alexander Monk said...

You've got to laugh really; the European Union claims to be all for freedom yet they are considering Chinese-style controls over something that was given to the world for free, with the intention that everybody could freely use it.

Our government should be doing everything they can to stop this.

Gawain Towler said...

The key word there is, "should"