Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Alex Singleton joins DCBless UKIP.

A positive to take out of today's goings-on: Alex Singleton, a former Telegraph journalist and now public relations man has joined UKIP today thanks to the defection of David Campbell Bannerman.

Alex has told me that he has long sympathised with UKIP but with the likes of Bannerman now leaving he feels comfortable in joining the UK's fourth largest Party. An individual with some considerable media experience and economic knowledge as a former Research Director at the Adam Smith Institute, he is a great addition to the Party.


UKIP BW said...

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George said...

Excellent piece of news. The loss of a career MEP and the gaining of a good PR man.

Anonymous said...

Great news and it shows that good people have been put off joining UKIP when they see the likes of DCB. I am glad he is gone the party will prosper without him.

Alec Yates