Saturday, 23 April 2011

Time for an English Parliament.

On this, St George's Day, it seems apt that I finally nail my colours to the mast: I believe in an English Parliament.

I've long been against such devolution. But the simple fact is that the devolved bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not going anywhere. The English have been dishing out the cheques via the obscene Barnett Formula, and been crippled via the West Lothian Question that is profoundly undemocratic.

Lets radically cut the number of British MPs in Westminster and have fully federal system with devolved bodies in each part of the United Kingdom. This ties in very well with the belief of devolved power that is closer to the people: no longer will the English have less representation, but those who make individual decisions will become more accountable and more accessible. While the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish all have local Councillors, an MP and Assembly Members to lobby for their cause, the English do not. That must change.

I have felt for many years now that their is a resurgence of English identity in this country. An English Parliament would ensure fairer representation for all and would help keep the UK together, as resentment from the English towards the likes of Wales and Scotland would fall. A federal UK future is the only way forward if we hope to make the UK united and equal.


Steven said...

Convincing the UKIP membership of the need for an English Parliament seems to the biggest problem so far!.

Anonymous said...

Daniel Gannon: The line Enoch Powell took was the correct one, if Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are to have their own parliaments then they might aswell be independent.

What is the point in the already dying Union if you are going to weaken it even more? for a party that is supposed to be against more layers of politicians why do we seek to build more home parliaments which woul then render Westminister a mere talking shop?

I'm a unionist and would like the Union to continue provided that Westminister is the parliament for this sovereign nation - if the home nations chose to keep their parliaments, then simply have it done and end the Union.

Stephen Gash said...

Why the "all or nothing attitude". An nglish Parliament might ease all the tension the United Kingdom causes. If it had been a federal system from the start it might have worked much better.

Roger Mellie said...

It would also take the wind out of the sails from the English Democrats, who (I suspect?) take a fair number of votes from UKIP in England

Anonymous said...

Daniel Gannon: I adopt the all or nothing attitude because otherwise it simply leads to more politicians, more complicated politics and only serves to break the Union up faster - because when you find the Federal/Westminister parliament overruling the English, Northern Irish, Scotish or Welsh parliaments on important matters - they [the people] will only want to leave the Union to prevent this from occuring.

If we are not one nation, then how would you justify the already hard-to-justify Barnett Formula to the English electorate? many would say, just go for full independence rather than continue to subsidise other nations which already make most of their own laws.

The same goes for the EU argument, why have that parliament when we already have a parliament which has served us perfectly well? - in time, this would become the attitude towards Westminister.

If you Union is well and truly dead then simply say so and state you want independence rather than come out with ridiculous gestures of giving England its own talking shop/making Westminister a talking shop.

Xopher said...

I seem to remember recent suggestions on the lines of Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish MPs went back from Westminster to their homelands to hold regular regional parliamentary sessions and thus doing away with their expensive Assemblies.
That would leave English MPs to vote on English matters without the undemocratic intrusion of non-English MPs into purely English affairs. I like it.
Unfortunately it would take rather more than this to regain pride in my Country on St George's Day. I feel less a part of this Country than at any time in the past 60+ years.
What have we got to be proud of when it's run by a couple of schoolboys thinking of themselves as political royalty, having no experience of our lives, selling out to the EU and playing politics with their expensive unwanted referendum!

Lewis F said...

I agree with you Michael. Devolution should never have happened in the first place in my view.

However it has happened now, we have Scottish MP’s and Welsh Assembly Members, the buildings have been erected and the legislature and bureaucracy in place. None of it will go away now (unless we have some sort of major civil war or invasion) and the Welsh and Scots will not pack up and go back to how things were because of the minority of unionists.

What members of UKIP need to know is that for England to have a parliament is not to break up the Union of Britain any further – it is already been broken.

The English are now left with the other two parliament members having a say on the affairs of England. Sadly I currently see it as the only solution to the current situation. And if it means the collapse in vote of another superfluous English political party – the English Democrats - then all’s the better (not that they are really an issue for UKIP but there are too many political parties competing for seats in Westminster).


cornubian said...

Don't give tow figs if the English want a parliament or not.

The Cornish have already shown they want a Cornish Assembly by gathering a petition of over 50,000 signatures.

Cornish Assembly Now: