Thursday, 7 April 2011

British taxpayers money is being dished out - for everyone except the British.

We're broke. Brassic. Bankrupt. There's no money and so we must cut Policing, defence and local Council budgets.
But. But. We must continue to give the EU £48 million per day. Lets give India a cheeky £1 billion (presumably to help them with their space program). And of course, if Portugal want £4.4 billion then that's cool. We'll continue to help prop-up the Euro, nevermind how much of a doomed, failed project the single currency has been, mugged by economic reality.

Those last three things are what the government is actually going to dish out British taxpayer's money for, the first three are what are going to be cut. Common sense has gone out of the window for an indulgent Tory government which is head-bangingly pro-EU, doing whatever Cameron's buds in the EU ask of him.

Bailouts are becoming a more and more current occurence in politics nowadays it would seem. It's just a shame that it's never ordinary working people who get bailed out with proper policing, efficient local services or proper kit for those serving in the Armed Forces, despite they being the one's who contribute to the money pot that david Cameron now wastes on international grandstanding.

Out of the elected politicians, it falls to Nigel Farage to once again speak some sense:

"Mr Farage said: ''The full tragic reality of the euro is now being seen. Bailing out Portugal is utterly pointless, it only traps them into a system into which they are totally unsuited. Britain should not contribute a single penny to their bail-out.''

But we will.

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