Monday, 7 March 2011

UKIP Come 2nd: How, Why, Wow? No, Never.

It has been a whirlwind few days as a UKIP member, with a 2nd place in Barnsley followed by the Spring Conference in Scarborough over the weekend.

One thing that a lot of UKIP members are dumbfounded by, myself included, has been the media coverage of Barnsley. Lets not forget, this was a constituency that UKIP had come 5th in last year, with nobody giving any hint whatsoever that the Party might cause an upset. I have been told that the BBC were expecting UKIP to at best, scrape past the BNP and possibly the Liberal Democrats if we did especially well.

Fast forward to election night, and the Party secures its first ever 2nd place in a Westminster seat. Fair enough, the LibDems collapse and Labour predictably perform well. But UKIP's dramatic rise is lumped in with the BNP in beating Nick Clegg's Party. There is no significant deal made of this 7.5% increase in the vote for what is considered by many in the media still as a "minor Party".

Hold on. UKIP didn't just scrape past the Tories. It spanked David Cameron's Party by nearly 1,000 votes and got pretty much the same amount of votes as the Coalition parties combined. This is unprecedented.

Yet the media seem to have virtually ignored this astonishing result. Perhaps it is too challenging to their cosy dismissal of UKIP as being single issue and minor. But if they are really honest with themselves, what we are seeing is the emergence of a truly radical alternative political force.

If UKIP can do this in Labour areas like Barnsley as well as Tory areas up and down the country, the next General Election could see a phenomenal UKIP performance. As much as the media may attack, ignore and attempt to discredit the Party, its performance at such elections is only going to grow. They had better get used to the idea.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear!

Go-on-why-am-I-doing-this? said...

Pretty much what I thought.
I think that there will be a few more interesting results before the next election.
Lets take back our country from the EU bureaucrats before they destroy us.

ArchKilljoy said...

Question is, how to move forward UKIPs claim to third party status? Petition ? Lobbying? Law Courts...?
I'm certainly sick of seeing YOUGOV type polls comparing the Lib/Lab/Con parties to each other. What's the point of that anymore?

Alec Yates said...

We will have to take over a media broadcast channel. This reminds me of the late Bruce Robertson (Trago Mills) who used to advertise with a well known regional newspaper. As well as advertising the products available at Trago he used to have a political column within the advert. When the newspaper refused to take his adverts unless he dropped the column he bought his own paper, The West Briton and used that to get his views across.

His son now runs Trago Mills and the column survives written now by our own David Challice. We publish it weekly on the SW website. Trago are good friends to UKIP so any time you are near Newton Abbot pop in and support them.

Cecil Andrews said...

Michael - you have summarised my own thoughts up precisely and the media attitude was typified by the arrogant and dismissive attitude displayed by the BBCs Mike Sargeant when interviewing Nigel

Elizabeth Ann Biddulph said...

As a lady UKIP member I believe we are now fighting to restore what the women sufferagettes gained and then lost as a result of our nation's aggressive occupation by a foreign, undemocratic, oppressive power. British men and women have now lost the right to vote for those who govern us and make our laws. Democracy is in chains, the EU has become the Organ Grinder and the British Government and Parliament the chattering, obedient monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Here is a more balanced view.