Sunday, 13 March 2011

Record polling for UKIP as the Party hits 7%.

It is March 2011 and UKIP are polling at a stronger level than at any time in its history outside of the European Election cycle. Today's YouGov poll shows the Party on 7% nationally.

That is an incredibly strong figure for a Party which a few years ago was reguarly polling between 1% - 3%. With the Liberal Democrats down to 10% on the same poll, I think a strong showing from UKIP in May - and a wipeout for the LibDems - could propel UKIP into overtaking Nick Clegg's Party. That would simply be unprecedented, and just what would that mean for the Prime Ministerial debates that will come prior to the next General Election?

Though I'm sure many will try and downplay this surge as a rise of the "others", it simply is not. The Greens and the BNP both remain on a lowly 2%, showing that it is UKIP solely emerging as the Party that is the real alternative to the Coalition and Labour.


Anonymous said...

The problem is though, is UKIP standing councillors in every consituency? because if its broadly 7% nationally, that should mean each council area would be able to pick up one UKIP councillor (maybe even two+).

If its not standing at least one councillor in each area, then its going to miss out on a few council seats I would have thought?

Stuart said...

Under PR that would be true anon but under the antiquated FPTP it's not.

Brittopic said...

Michael, on 24 January, you boasted that UKIP were outpolling the Lib Dems amongst 18-24yo voters; this proved to be an outlier resulting from a low sample group of that agre bracket, as I pointed out.

In this poll, where the 7% polling is likely an outlier of UKIP trend-level of 5% (which is very respectable), only 1% of 18-24yo voters would vote for the party. Nearly two-thirds of UKIP's support in this poll comes from those 60 and over.

Why is your party's message failing amongst young voters?

Congratulations are in order for Barnsley Central, of course. I blogged about it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, ukip will be standing in at least a 1000 council wards plus the Scotish parliment & Welsh & Irish assembley elections

Michael Heaver said...

Brittopic, while this poll shows low support for 18 - 24's, UKIP's showing among this age group in the polls has been up and down. Just a few days ago the Party was showing at 7% among youngsters.

Anonymous said...


“Why is your party’s message failing amongst young voters?”

Because they’re too stupid to think for themselves, preferring instead to receive their opinions from their left-wing school teachers as part of their socialist, New Labour ‘education’. These kids might have more GCSEs than you can shake a stick at, 'A' levels and 2:2 degrees coming out of their ears and as many 'star' grades in this and that as there are stars in the sky, but critical thinking ain't their strong point and that, of course, is exactly how the Marxist Left want things to be.