Monday, 7 March 2011

British hero fined £60, anti-British extremist gets fined £50.

Corporal Graeme Billington was fined £60 after parking in a disabled bay, despite having been blown up in Afghanistan and being in a wheelchair. This was even after he proved his injuries and received his blue badge days later.

Ermadur Choudhury got fined £10 less for burning a poppy on Armistice Day and chanting about how much he hates Britain.

What sort of pathetic society are we living in?

EDIT: Apparently Corporal Billington's fine has been overturned and he has received an apology. I very much hope that this is true. A rare victory for common sense and decency?


Anonymous said...

Our society has reached rock bottom, it is an outrage that this extremist is only fined £50. He should have been given community service, cleaning the barracks of the soldiers he defamed.

Anonymous said...

your comparing two completely different things. you cant compare them fairly.
fact is he park in a disabled bay without a blue badge at the time. therefore breaking the law

Alessandre said...

It's also worth noting that when Philip Laing, a drunk student pissed on a wreath he was fined £185 and given 220 hours of community service.

Surely Choudhury's offence was at least as severe as this

Grant said...

Choudhury should not have been fined anything! Do I detest this man and his ilk any less than anyone else. No!
Nevertheless free speech is non-negotiable. If we are to have free speech, we must tolerate it in those we find distasteful.As we all know our government would just love to confiscate this right.

Something about the Choudhury's just doesn't ring true! I want to know who's paying them. Other than the state benefits they receive!

Andie said...

The law in this country and how you are dealt with varies too much from place to place.
Too often it seems that magistrates will take the soft option when sentencing an Asian so as not to be seen as racist, thats why it looks soft.
£50? I hope he dies of cancer. Soon.

David Curtis said...

Thre is a long comments thread on Orange Uk re this story. But what do you expect, when a UK Court imposes a fine of £1500 for a woman binning a cat.
Its a mad mad world.

If you look at the video on Orange, why are the police backing away from these items?

Anonymous said...

two completely different things.

you are pathetic for trying to bring religion/race etc in to the equation.

Anonymous said...

Choudry also works part time (bless) and earns £450 per month.

But gets more than £700 in State Benefits. er how?

I'mNotADoctor said...

Much like one of the previous comments stated, you're trying to compare two completely different situations, that happened at two completely different places and times, with fines made by two completely different bodies.

Whether you like it or not, Billington was using that disabled parking space illegally, and he knew it, as he didn't have a blue badge.

Anonymous said...

Oh come come now - whilst I don't think someone should be fined if it was later proved that he had a valid reason for parking in a disabled bay, even the chap himself might concede that if the rule wasn't enforced by fines at all, then he himself might not be able to find a bay when he needs one in future.

The poppies thing is tricky, but surely we want to be more like the Americans, who have declared 'flag burning' to be protected by the First Amendment, than those pesky Europeans, who are happy to burn on any kind of 'First Amendment' by bringing in a 'backdoor' privacy law under the guise of the Human Rights Act, which would have prevented us from hearing about the exploits of Max Mosley if he had any say in the matter.

Alexander Monk said...

I can't quite believe some of what I am reading in these comments.

If those of you who are saying he deserved the fine actually read the article, the "wrong" part of the situation is that even after appealing against the fine, and even though they say that in "exceptional circumstances", they will repeal it, they still told him he had to pay.

Now, I don't know about you, but being injured as severely as Mr. Billington would, in my eyes, come under the "exceptional circumstances" blanket.

You're all fools if you believe otherwise.

Alex said...

Billimgton was given a ticket because he didn't have a blue badge and the parking attendant couldn't see his injuries and had rules to follow. He later received an apology (and I assume a refund).

I don't understand why poppy burning is likely to cause distress. After all it is what our troops have been doing in Afghanistan for the last 5 years.

Kevin T said...

If this is free speech then I claim my right to stand outside a mosque burning copies of the qu'ran and chanting "Muslims burn". I wonder if the left liberal scum would be so defensive of that...

Anonymous said...

I dislike these silly comparisons. They are two completely different situations. Billington broke the law, though one would hope the person who applied the fine could have used a little common sense in this case and let him off with a warning (though I understand it was actually an error later corrected - please update your post Mr Heaver). But what Choudury did, while disgusting, was an act of personal expression. We live in a society where freedom of speech is supposedly sacrosanct. He did not directly incite a crime and in my view, he committed no illegal act whatsoever - only a morally-abhorrent one. And let us please leave morals and the law well apart. Otherwise you end with the kind of laws on the books in some of those places many British people dislike so much.

Alexander Monk said...

Wow, some of you truly are fools!

Just a question then, say I followed up on a previous commentor's suggestion of standing outside a Mosque burning a Qu'ran yelling "Muslims burn!", that'd be perfectly okay, right?

Besides, I'd just be making an act of personal expression!

And come on, "he did not incite a crime" in *your* view. But to me, shouting "British soldiers, burn in hell" is inciting hatred. Again, as stated, you truly are a fool if you believe otherwise.

longrun2 said...

As far as I can see from the reports, Choudhury was fined for conduct liable to lead to a breach of the peace, which is a crime.
I wish that the various Anonymous posters (and Grant) could notice that this happened in the UK not, repeat not, in the USA. So the "freedom of speech is sacrosanct" is just ignorant tripe. Freedom of speech has NEVER been sacrosanct laws have forbidden treason, blasphemy, incitement to (a whole host of evil things); there are two sets of libel laws. We are now forbidden to say anything that might offend sensibilities of a "minority", so to say "free speech is non-negotiable" implies that you are a foreigner.
As for Mr Billington: why should he know that someone who needs a wheelchair is not entitled to park in a space for disabled drivers? What is *your* definition of disabled? If he thoought that a space labelled "disabled drivers" actually meant it was for disabled drivers, I reckon that he made an understandable mistake.
IMHO "I'mNotADoctor" is an arrogant twit - he claims that he can read Mr Billington's mind.
However the point that you are comparing unlike matters is valid