Monday, 24 January 2011

David Cameron lobbies hard to stop any potential referendum of any sort on the EU.

It is telling that only a paltry 30 Tory MPs at most are reported to be looking to rebel and back an amendment which would seek to ensure that Parliament decides when there should be a referendum on a transfer of power to the EU.

Of course David Cameron and the government wants a Referendum Lock which leaves this power in the hands of the courts and as Nigel Farage says, leaves you with a lock that could be picked by a child. In fact when the Tories' own Europe Minister defended the government's bill today over at ConservativeHome, he was ripped to shreds by his own Party's activists. The Tory tactic of talking Eurosceptic while surrendering to the EU's every whim is starting to be rumbled by even those who wanted Cameron as Prime Minister in the first place.

Perhaps what is even more telling is that Cameron is resorting to stiff-arming potential rebels in the Commons tea room. Remember, these aren't even necessarily MPs who want Britain to leave the EU, but merely for Parliament to have the power of deciding when a transfer of power to the EU is worthy of triggering a referendum.

It is astonishing to think that many millions of self-described Eurosceptic Tories voted for a Party whose Leader continues to relentlessly push a pro-EU agenda, seeking to quash anything resembling a referendum on the issue while telling the public that they will get just that with the new European Union Bill.

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DeeDee99 said...

You would be wrong to assume that all ConservativeHome contributors are either Conservative Members or voters. I am a UKIP member and activist(ex Conservative). I comment on the site regularly because that is how we will recruit more disaffected Conservatives to the Better Off Out cause.