Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Lord Pearson demands to know why UKIP doesn't have more Peers.

The Coalition's appointment of members to the House of Lords is apparently "entirely consistent" of being "reflective of vote share" at the General Election, according to LibDem Peer Lord McNally.

Former UKIP Leader Lord Pearson has today been ripping into the Coalition, demanding to know that if this was the case then why didn't UKIP have 24 Peers appointed given the Party's electoral performance.

I think the fact that UKIP got nearly a million votes but zero increased political representation in the House of Lords and remains without any at all in the Commons is a disgrace to our political system.

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Gawain Towler said...

Lord Pearson is of course bang on the money. It won't make a diffference of course. There is no way that this Government will do what it pretends as that would mean giving peerages to UKIP, to the Greens and of course hiding in the shadows.
What Lord Pearson has succeded in doing is call them out on their hypocricy.