Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I hope the old UKIP disease remains dormant.

As Left Foot Forward have written, UKIP leadership candidate Nigel Farage has come under an astonishing attack from fellow MEP Mike Nattrass. In an email, Nattrass has labelled Farage a "control freak" and threatens that he could "see less MEPs in the UKIP squad" if Farage wins the leadership contest.

One of the things that really turned me off when I first looked at joining UKIP was this history of in-fighting. Lets be clear: any Party that is not at ease internally will not appeal externally to those it is asking votes from. Worse, UKIP has few friends in the media. Seen as a genuine threat to the establishment given the Party's spread of support, growing credibility and large parliamentary presence in Brussels, it is bound to be attacked by rivals often enough. The Party falling out and attacking itself from within will only worsen things.

I understand that some do not like Nigel Farage and do not see him as the right Leader for UKIP. I strongly disagree and believe that Nigel is the best man to lead the Party, but never would I ever insult, berate or threaten those who have an alternative view point, as long as they present it in a fair manner. What UKIP needs is those within it to look at the bigger picture.

If those who want to withdraw from the EU, restore grammar schools, get flat tax, put criminals in prison and so on hurt UKIP by offering up ripe pieces of dissent for our opponents to snatch up, they are hurting the cause we all believe in.

Disagreements are fine. We are a Party of democrats who should respect and applaud healthy debate, but such public slagging off is unprofessional, uncalled for and serves only to undermine our Party and cause. Don't forget: there is no alternative to UKIP. It is UKIP or nothing. Enough ex-members have left in a huff to set up splinter parties that have got nowhere so show that that tactic does not work.

Those in UKIP who dislike Nigel Farage should remember that he is a man who at least agrees with them on the issues facing our country. If the old UKIP disease of egos and infighting returns, we will get nowhere and will never be the fit for purpose true alternative we want to be.


Tom Collins said...

Very well put.

In-fighting only damages the Messenger and egos MUST be put on one side - permanently.

Tcheuchter said...

Well said indeed.

Anonymous said...

Well argued but I would add one further point. If Nigel is elected as our new Leader, then it will be the democratic wish of the members of the Party that he take that position. People who say they will not work with Nigel if he wins, ought to reflect on that fact. Are they saying a} that they have no respect for democracy itself and b) that they have contempt for the wishes of the members? Some of these critics owe their elevated positions to the hard work of UKIP members!

Stuart Gulleford

Avril said...

I see it was published by Farage-hater Junius, who is pretty much Moriarty to Nigel's Holmes.
I have never heard Nigel slagging off other UKIP MEPs in public, even when responding to attacks from within.
It's about time these dummy spitters realised that they are damaging the cause as much as their own credibility.
Just makes me even more determined to support Nigel.