Sunday, 10 October 2010

Donald Trump: Tea Party President?

Very interesting times indeed. Donald Trump has indicated that he is strongly considering running to be US President. I certainly think he has the credentials, and a rumoured Presidential poll carried out in the key state of New Hampshire pitting Trump vs. Obama apparently gave Trump a very good score indeed.

What is really interesting about this story is how Trump would position himself. He went out of his way to express his admiration for the low tax, small government Tea Party wing of the Republican Party and there are whispers of Sarah Palin being his running mate.

Trump would not only be a massive candidate, potentially the favourite for the Republican nomination if he did decide to run, but would lend serious credibility to the Tea Party movement which is at times sidelined as being nutty. If one of the most successful businessmen in the world supports a small government message, he will make the entire Tea Party viewpoint instantly more mainstream and respected. And with the backing of the hundreds of thousands of highly effective Tea Party activists and the Republican Party machine, he would surely be a challenger that would seriously trouble Barack Obama.

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