Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ashton fails to defend British interests once more.

Perhaps it is naive to think that those British citizens like Baroness Ashton, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs for the European Union, would seek to defend British interests. After all, her wage, pension and job title pledges her allegiance to the European Union and its mission to create a European superstate.

But it is the blatant manner in which the likes of Ashton ignore their own country's well-being that is a disgrace. Where was Ashton when there was a crucial meeting by EU officials who were discussing axing Britain's £3 billion rebate? Sunning it up in tropical Mauritius, of course.

It blows my mind that even pro-EU fanatics like Ashton no longer try and keep a pretence of Britain getting a fair deal from the EU by attempting to gain concessions to keep citizens happy. She represents no one but the EU nationalists, and they certainly want to see the rebate killed off and for Britain's contributions to the EU coffers to become even greater.

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Anonymous said...

It's not just Ashton though. What about our own MPs?

They don't appear to be protesting about Britain's contribution to the EU's coffers.

In an article in the Telegraph, As we wield the axe, Europe asks for more, Philip Johnston says that even though they can't block the UK's contribution to the EU they could, at least, kick up more of a fuss.