Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The establishment are running scared.

Try as she might, Tanya Gold's piss-take of UKIP really smells of something very desperate.

The truth is that once upon a time, perhaps her caricature of UKIP as a single-issue, anti-Europe, slightly (okay very) eccentric Party may have been accurate. Yet UKIP in 2010 is none of these things.

The Conference was home to a huge amount of younger members and members of different colours and backgrounds too. I will admit that even as a fully-fledged "New UKIP" moderniser and as head of the Party's youth wing, even I am surprised just how quickly UKIP is evolving as a political Party. But that is the natural product of a Party putting forth radical ideas on every policy area, something I very much welcome.

Tanya Gold may try and paint UKIP out to be something, and okay perhaps we are a bit maverick in our look and behaviour. But try as she and the newspapers might, I'm pretty certain that what the public want is something new. Those who look deeper - and analyse our manifesto for instance - will find a Party that is ready to become a major force in British politics.

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