Wednesday, 4 November 2009

No referendum.

Never again will there be a transfer of power from Britain to Brussels without a referendum, according to David Cameron. What a joke.

He's not going to give a referendum on Lisbon now nor a referendum on bringing back specific powers as argued for today by senior Tory MP David Davis. In reality, Lisbon is a self-amending Treaty so Cameron would need to hold a referendum on Lisbon itself in the future anyway, as that is where further power will be transferred via.

I feel sorry for the mugs who actually still believe this guy to be anything resembling a eurosceptic. He is clearly happy for things to go on as they are, drifting into a federal Europe. We will shortly have a President of 27 countries who has not been voted for by anyone and whose very existence hasn't even been voted on by the British people. Cameron is happy to let that go. He could have kicked up a fuss and tried to reverse it, but he isn't going to try. Just like he isn't going to try and stop the other myriad of powers being transferred as Lisbon sets out.

In truth I am far from surprised. The choice however is now clear. Cameron is going to pose, as potential future Prime Minister, very little problems for the federalists driving the EU forward. And don't forget, if history has taught us anything, that opposition leaders generally become only more cowardly, self-serving and europhile once they get into 10 Downing Street. Now that's a scary thought.

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