Saturday, 28 November 2009

I'm in UKIP to fight for more than just withdrawal from the EU.

I can quite understand where Lord Pearson, under orders from then-Party Leader Nigel Farage, was coming from. UKIP was founded on the principle of withdrawing Britain from the European Union and that has been far and away the main policy and objective of the Party ever since.

However, as a relatively new member (I joined in April 2007) and being a very young figure by political standards, I disagree with the premise that after withdrawal from the EU, UKIP would have nothing to offer. We are now beating the government in national European Elections and scoring 12% in by-elections like in Norwich North, a campaign I worked for and helped to drive full time, sleeping upstairs on the floor in Norwich HQ for over a month along with many other fantastically dedicated members.

Some may say that such results are because Britain has never been more eurosceptic and that disdain with the establishment parties has grown to such dizzy heights. But I know for a fact that UKIP, like in Norwich North, are winning votes because we are the only Party that offers a unique flank of policies aside from the EU. No to ID cards, proper immigration controls, restoring grammar schools, binding local and national referenda, increasing the defence budget by 40%, bringing the poorest out of tax together and making people better off working than people on the doll. And yes, withdrawing from the European Union, giving Britain's Parliament back the authority envisaged by the country's forefathers and adding many billions back each year into our coffers.

I personally joined UKIP because it was the only Party that I saw which wanted to radically shape Britain's future. I believe this is a country which has been taken onto the wrong path by our political class who are utterly detached from reality and what it is like for ordinary people in today's Britain. To correct that, having experienced the very worst that Britain's state educational sector has to offer as I have, requires bold, radical vision.

If Britain withdrew from the European Union we would be a country with our democracy and some degree of prosperity back. But if UKIP disbanded, I would have nowhere to fight for all of the other things I believe in. And I find the thought of that a great shame.

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