Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Alan Johnson understands the immigration fears of British people, but has no way of solving the problem.

Alan Johnson has admitted that the government have made mistakes on immigration and that in many areas it has placed a strain on jobs and services. More than that though, he has come out with this:

Mr Johnson said he believed the moderate majority want immigration to be carefully controlled, while accepting it has enriched Britain's culture, and was good for the economy.

At the same time as accepting genuine refugees, they wanted Britain to send home illegal immigrants, failed asylum seekers and foreign national prisoners.

Pretty spot on there Mr. Johnson. The problem is, he knows as well as I do that being in the EU means that you can't deliver on carefully controlled immigration as we have totally open borders with hundreds of millions of people from fellow EU member states like Romania, Poland and Bulgaria, countries where it is easy to obtain false EU documentation to pass through the EU even if you are from a non-EU country.

The fact that the government have restricted and discriminated against non-EU citizens coming into the country is an omission that they know immigration is now out of control and having a negative effect. Shockingly though, they do this while allowing whoever wants to come in from the EU in, in what is blatant and sickening bias and discrimination. Why doesn't Mr. Johnson flag that one up?

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