Monday, 10 August 2009

What planet are these people on?

So the Labour government and Lord Mandelson want to give students from poor areas who attend bad comprehensive schools, a head start of two or three grades when applying to University.

In other words, the Labour government have finally held their hands up to the fact that they have overseen a totally failing education system. If you have money, you go to a good school. If you don't have money, you go to a bad school but the government will give you a shimmy up to get into Uni. All of the bravado about somehow magically making every school a good school (and ignoring the fact that some kids just aren't academically-minded) appears to have washed away despite Tony Blair's pledge of "education, education, education".

Having attended what was at the time one of the worst secondary schools in the country, this is yet another example of how Labour have totally lost it when it comes to the hopes and fears of working class people. Bad schools aren't just a disruptive learning environment. They can be dangerous, downright scary places where kids will never get the opportunity to even discover what they enjoy and are good at.

It's surely time to bring back grammar schools and end the class warfare now known as the British educational system. How very proud I am to support the only party that wants to restore such a system.

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