Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Prediction specialist!

In-between spouts of spreading my genius in the UKIP's by-election HQ in Norwich North, I have been surfing the net today. I see that a certain MEP - Edward McMillan-Scott - has been expelled from the Tory party. He is expected to become an Independent and return to the Conservative party's former home in the European Parliament, the EPP.

McMillan-Scott decided to run as Euro Parliament Vice-President despite the Tories' new group, the ECR, already having selected a candidate. He was booted out as a result.

As I predicted, Tory MEPs elected in June will end up sitting in different European parliamentary groupings. Just as I predicted UKIP would do phenomenally well in the European Election. My next prediction for all of the punters looking for a flutter? A superb General Election showing from Nigel Farage's barmy army...

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